Saturday, 22 November 2014

So. Fucking. Good.

I can't not write about this one. I'm sitting in bed, the smell of A. and sex clinging to the room, exhausted and aching.

*     *     *

A. was my first. He'll always hold some unexplainable pull over me. For a while I couldn't differentiate the smell of A. and the smell of sex. Whilst I was not his first, I know I can be a difficult one for him too, the line between where I stop and where sexual desire starts is vague. On top of the sexual aspect to our relationship we're also very good friends, and have been for over five years. It's a fun combination and we're getting good at knowing each others wants and needs.
*    *     *

It's a Friday night, and after individual social arrangements A. meets me in the pub where I'm having a couple drinks with friends. It's nice to hang out together with other people, we spend almost all of our time together one on one, partially because of flying visits and partially due to the proportion of time spent in the bedroom.

It gets late and we head off home. A brief tour of my newly rented flat and we head upstairs. We're both tired, but from the sexually fueled hug in the kitchen, I can tell we won't be going straight to sleep.

We fall into bed and into each others arms. Hands wander and explore. We haven't been together like this in 6 months, so it's fun to explore and rediscover. I love his body, tall and skinny but incredibly muscular.

Clothes are thrown to the floor, and I kiss down his naked body. I love giving this guy oral. He's incredibly well hung and just really freaking appreciates oral  - which makes it a lot of fun to do.

I nibble his hips and kiss up his thighs. I place my tongue on his balls and trace it lazily to the tip of his pulsating cock. I return to his balls and lick and suck, running my tongue once again to his tip. I swirl my tongue around  the head, looking up at him, teasing. I can see his hands twitching and feel his urge to grab my head and push me down. But A. - ever the gentleman - resists, letting me do my thing.

I work his cock with my mouth and hands for a while, eventually taking him deeper. I place my hands on the bed, so I'm only touching him with my mouth and take him as deep as I can. Deepthroating drives him insane and he comments breathily that my gag reflex has improved.

He pulls me back on top of him before flipping me onto my back and returning the favour. He palms my mound, letting me grind against his hand, then switches to directly rubbing my clit. It's hot, he's hot, I'm horny.

He moves down, going down on me. He's better at this than I remember. Can I say that? If you ever find this A., I apologise. It's true though, maybe he's had some practice, maybe he's just having a good day, but his mouth is good. Licking and nibbling and teasing.

We grab a condom - XL and still a struggle - this guy is ridiculously hung. I'm so wet and ready for him, I can't help but rub my own clit as he puts on the condom. He lies next to me, legs intertwined with mine, watching for a while. 

Then, he kneels over me and enters me.

"You're so big", I moan.

"Are you just saying that", he teases.

I'm not just bigging up his ego. It's the truth. I feel so full.

It's my turn to be on top, and I ride him like there's no tomorrow. I've learnt to love being on top. It was something that took me a while to get good at, but once you've got it it's gold. A. seems not to mind it either, his face screwed up in pleasure.

I rub my clit as I ride him. He alternates between holding my hips and playing with my breasts.

I can feel it building.

"I'm gonna cum", I whisper.

He bucks his hips, thrusting into me with increasing force and speed, and I'm done, falling into his arms, shaking as I ride out my 1st orgasm of the weekend.

We continue with me on top for a while, before switching. I literally have to take a minutes break between positions. It's so good, so intense. I'm shaking.

He fuckes me from on top, from the side. He rubs my clit and plays with my ass and I lose track of the number of times I orgasm. Maybe 3 times that night. There was a time when I thought I could only get off once in a night. Not anymore.

He finally lets himself go and holds me tight, thrusting slowly as the final waves of his orgasm course through him.

We lie side by side in exhausted post sex stuper.

"I think that was the best sex we've ever had", I mumble.

If only I knew how much better then next morning would be. . .


Monday, 22 September 2014

A summer of sex: No good story starts with a salad.

I lived and worked in the same place over summer, I mean the exact same place. Bed to work was a two minute walk. Lots of other people lived there too. Let's keep it vague. I'm sure my employer wouldn't appreciate me writing about sex at work, nor would my future career benefit if this went viral.

Vague background aside, this bubble lifestyle meant that we spent a lot of time with our co-workers. And a lot of time with each other plus limited access to the outside world only meant one thing: sex.

*     *     *

No good story starts with a salad. A party was happening, some dude's leaving party, I can't say I really noticed who. My eyes were elsewhere.

B. was fun. He was a massive hippy in his multi-coloured shorts and flip flops. This wasn't the real world and this was summer. Everyone loves a hippy in the summer.

Drinks lead to chats and eventually the classic line, "Shall we get outa here darlin'" gets brought out (and brought back up for the rest of summer) and so we do just that.

*     *     *

We head back to his room. Kisses are fueled with fire and clothes begin to be strewn across the floor. Raw passion.

We fuck. There's no other word for it. When you need a safe word on the first night, you know you're in for a good time.

He's demanding but the confidence is hot. My inner-feminist battles sometimes with being told what to do, but my inner nympho usually agrees with the request. 

A simple "On your feet" can be so hot, because I know that means "I'm gonna bend you over the sink and fuck you so we can watch it in the mirror." Whereas "On your knees", means "I'm going to cum in your mouth". The cumslut in me is easily pleased.

We fuck. We fuck hard. We fuck fast. We fuck.

It was the kind of night where you ache the morning after.
It was the start of a good summer. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Morning sex and light bondage.

This all feels so long ago now. . .

I shall stick to the truth as much as I remember it.

. . .

We wake up in the morning, I curl into big spoon behind him, trailing kisses down his shoulders. I love his shoulders, tan and freckly they remind me of a speckled brown egg, earthy and organic. He's not a morning person, but I don't feel like shifting from bed this particular morning either. Warm, soft skin the only thing between us, let's stay here forever.

The day turns into a bit of a bed day, trailing kisses soon turn into wandering hands, and before you know it I've migrated to face between his thighs, throbbing morning wood between my lips.

Later in the day (after finally emerging from bed and nomming some pancakes) he sits on the sofa with me and talk turns to bondage. Have I, would I, do I want to. I ask him the same.

He's less kink in general than I expected. I'm not sure why I expected some definite kinks and fetishes, but I did. It would be fair to say he expected himself to be more kink than he has ended up being. Don't get me wrong, he has far more experience than I do, but I put that down to years, rather than desire.

A rope is brought through, and he delicately ties my big toes together. Flash backs to the night before where he jokingly went to suck one of my toes that had ended up near his mouth. Feet are really not my favourite thing.

It's suggested that maybe we should go out somewhere, we haven't left the house all day, but desire wins over.

I comment that his bed doesn't really allow for much tying up, it's not very well suited. A flat headboard means there's nowhere to tie onto. I was wrong. There are restraints at each corner of the bed. Wrist and ankle cuffs tucked just out of sight. We're not going anywhere today.

He leads me through to the bedroom, then knot tying my toes together working itself free. He pulls my top and bra off over my head and kisses me whilst reaching for the restraints. I put up no fight. I'm curious to be tied up, to loose control. My wrists bound to the top corners, he pulls my jeans and panties off and throws them aside. My ankles are soon bound too.

I'm all his, to do with as he will.

He takes my nipples in his mouth, working one then the other, his hand on the breast not in him mouth. I like having no control, I enjoy also that it's all about me. I couldn't even return the favour if I wanted to.

He loves giving oral, and I know where this is going when he shimmies down the bed.

I might go as far to say he gives the best oral I've ever received. It's freaking amazing.

He's not afraid of getting right in there. A hot wet sticky mess. He nuzzles in burying his face between my thighs. They say the strongest muscle in your body is your tongue and with him I believe it. Probing and licking and stroking. Alternating between clit and the opening to my oh so wet slit. He takes a lip between his teeth and nibbles oh so gently.

"Fuuuuckk me", I moan.

I'm close, and he's not letting up. Tongue swirling faster and harder. I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come.

I explode with pleasure. Clamping my thighs together I try to protect my sensitive pulsating clit. But with no hands to stop him, he works his way back in. He keeps working my clit and my orgasm keeps rolling, I feel like this constant state of bliss might never end. He works it for all its worth.

Finally he let's me rest, and comes and lies beside me as I continue to shake from that incredible orgasm. I kiss him to taste myself on him lips.

He holds me for a while before undoing the restraints. He reaches for a condom, looking up at me he asks

"Can you handle this?"

I'm not sure I can, I ache with pleasure and the thought of him being inside me seems really intense right now.

"Mmmhmm", escapes my lips.

Anything for the guy that just gave me that epic oral.

We both moan as he enters me, me because I ache so much, and him because he needs this so much.

We fuck with him on top. Slow to begin with, getting faster. I'm still in bliss from earlier and it all feels so good. He feels so good inside of me. It's not long before he's fucking me as hard and fast as he can. His face screws up in pleasure and his mouth falls open. I find it really fucking hot watching him as he reaches climax. He moans and shuddered and pounds into me. I gyrate my hips against him as he slows down and stops, milking him dry.

We fall into each others arms in a broken sex daze.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sex with W. The beginning of an adventure.

When your not yet 20 year old friend answers your phone to find the text "I'm turning 40 next week, do you want to be my birthday present?" they tend to be a little surprised.

They tend to question whether you're going to go. Of course the answer is "No" . . . but only cos I'm busy next weekend. It could definitely be arranged mid-week.

. . .

I'm passing through the city on a Wednesday night on the way home from a camping and hiking trip with some friends, so I decide to visit, just for one night, see where it goes.

I rock up off a bus in my absolute sexiest state - having slept in a tent the past 3 nights and having only washed in a stream once in the last 4 days. I have hiking trousers rolled up to my knees and my life strapped to my back in a hiking pack. I have sun glasses on my head even though it's long been dark, and watch out for the ice axe sticking out from my bag. I'm real, deal with it. 

He deals with it alright. He drives me out to his place, and we head in. I'm not sure what to expect, on one hand, he's a lot of fun, very open, a bohemian vibe, long hair, the works. . . but on the other, he's a working man with a 9 to 5 job and a lifetime of experience behind him.

It's perfect. It somehow combines the two aspects in a sweet harmony of fairy lights, trinkets from worldly travels and professional articles and papers strewn around. After being away camping there is little I want more.

He's a feeder. I'm fed some delicious concoction, offered beer, wine, anything, everything. So well looked after. He runs me a hot bath and we stand in the bathroom watching it pour.

I could attribute it to the steam, or the atmosphere, or the way he looked at me, but let's be honest, we'd both been waiting for this in a suspense of curiosity since that train ride nearly 6 months previous. He kisses me, I kiss him back. I open my mouth slightly and invite him in, he kisses me hard and we both feel how much we want each other. I pull away,

"Come join me in the bath?", I ask.

What man can turn down that offer.

He brings me a whiskey and joins me in the hot water, soaping each other down, caressing all this skin that is so suddenly exposed. Wet soft skin on skin. It's not often everything is exposed so suddenly and completely, we drink each other in with our eyes and hands, exploring chests, legs, thighs. Before long the explorations get more intimate, and it's time to take this to the bedroom. I kneel forwards before getting out the bath and take his hard shaft in my mouth underwater, would I even notice if I drowned?

I throw my hair into a bun and we dry off quickly, he leads me to the bedroom and there's a brief moment of shyness passes between us. We're actually here, in bed, after all these months of curiosity.

He kisses my neck, my chest, my thighs, and moves his face between my legs. His tongue darts artfully out, just grazing my clit. I'm so turned on. He goes down on me for a while, tongue on clit, then probing deeper, nuzzling in, he seems to enjoy giving it almost as much as I'm enjoying receiving. But it's his turn. He stops reluctantly, but that soon changes as I trail kisses down his chest and stomach, licking up the shaft of his penis and taking the tip so gently in my mouth. Soon he wants more.

He kneels up and reaches over to the shelf beside the bed, a move that I will soon learn to mean that I'm getting some, and grabs a condom from the stash. He enters me for the first time.

Slow and gentle, hard and fast, it all feels so fucking good. I slide a hand between our bodies and rub my clit while he fucks me. So good, so good. I come for him for the first time and he kisses my shaking mouth. His turn. He fucks me hard and deep, it's so intense I'm close to coming again by the time he finishes, falling exhausted and happy down on top of me. . .

It's the start of an interesting few days.

(To be continued).

Monday, 12 May 2014

Introducing W.

I'd like you to all meet W.

Let's start at the beginning.

I was travelling back from a trip late last summer, he was travelling back from business. I sit across from him at a train table, and yes, I probably do clock pretty quickly that he is rather attractive. Shallow perhaps, but true none the less.

Long story short, a messed up phone-call from my Ex, leaves me needing to unload on someone.

"My Ex is in hospital after a climbing accident, doctors say he should walk again though. . . "

Queue a 5 hour long conversation about everything and anything.

It's hard to describe the feeling when you connect with someone, and maybe I didn't even really feel it as much as I think I might've. He was a cool dude, but I'm forever befriending randomers, especially on long journeys. Most of them I never see again.

Ready for me to sound like a 14 year old school girl?

But he was different.

There, school girl moment over.

He wasn't different in a complementary, treated me like a princess kind of way. Quite frankly that shit never works for me, let alone on a train where it comes across as plain creepy. He was different in that he was more open than your average Joe. Perhaps a South African upbringing leads to a different attitude, or retrospectively, perhaps a number of vivid acid trips in his youth were more to credit for the outlook.

Whatever it was, by the time I alighted the train, numbers had been exchanged, a condom had been gifted to me following an interesting conversation, and we kissed goodbye.

I promise the rest of our story is nowhere near as soppy. Stick with me.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

At A.'s again.

A. met me from the station. It had been years since I'd been here. The last time I'd shown up on this dusty corner I'd been a virgin. So much had changed.

Our relationship was far stronger now. More equal. I was no longer pushing for commitment like my younger self was. I like what we have.

. . .

It's been nearly 6 weeks since we've seen each other . A glass of water in the kitchen and before we know it he's sitting on a kitchen chair, me kneeling before him, his ready cock in my mouth. I love sucking his cock, the feeling of his head under my swirling tongue and his shaft filling my mouth. But most of all, I love his reactions.

They way he spreads his legs to invite me to take him deeper, the way he lifts his ass cheeks and lets my hands wander to his sweet little ass hole, the way he tingles when I do, throwing his head back in pleasure. He leads me to the bedroom and undresses me.

Pulling my thong down it's his turn to kneel in front of me. His tongue probes between my labia and expertly finds my clit. He wraps his arms round my thighs, holding me by my ass, holding me up against my shudders of pleasure.

Soon I want his cock in my mouth again. I want to taste that sweet taste. I lie between his legs: my place. A hand on his shaft, my mouth and tongue worshipping his head, he finally gives in and I get what I want: that coursing flow of cum into my mouth.

The cum-slut in me is never pleased, while I want it in my mouth, I also want it on my face, my chest. I want to scream it. "I want your cum everywhere. All over me. I want to be covered."

He holds me afterwards, always surprisingly tender in his post-cum daze.

The night goes on, I'm shaking beneath his fingers on my clit. He's good, but I know exactly what I want. I take his hand and move it in circles, faster, faster. He gets the idea. I'm moaning and squirming beneath him, I feel that wave passing through me, I'm close and he knows it. He doesn't let up, fingering my clit as I cum for him. It's my turn to fall exhausted into his arms.

We sleep intermittently, waking to fuck. He slips inside me as we lay side by side. The feeling of him barely inside me makes me want it all. I want to ride him.

I flip him onto his back and kneel above him, sliding down onto his hard shaft. I would happily let him stay inside of me forever, pausing time at that moment of sudden incredible fullness.

Pinning his hands above his head I ride him. I ride hard and fast, his balls hitting my ass as I drop, my clit rubbing against his body. We switch to doggy, my hands on the bed, him standing behind me giving it to me. I like it like this. Raw, fast, hard.

We switch again, my all time favourite, on my back, legs on his shoulders. The depth of fuck is insane. I love it he loves it. He's close, but I've worked him hard, I want to give him that O. I drop my mouth to his throbbing cock once more, he's surprised but not ungrateful. I don't have to work him long before I'm feeling the cum moving up his shaft, and into my mouth once again. I milk every last drop from him and lick it up. Next time, I think, the cum-slut will win and get it everywhere.

I lose track of time. Later that night? Sometime time the next morning? It matters not. He flips down the bed so his face is at level with my crotch, I arch towards him, I want it. I take his cock in my mouth and simultaneously he returns the favour. He reaches for something, not the camera this time, although its been out earlier in the night. I know what he's got when I feel his hands come back to my ass, wet and cold with lube he caresses in between my cheeks and slips a finger in, first one then two. It's another world of pleasure, one that I often forget how much I enjoy.

My hands wander to his ass, wanting to return the favour. Through the limbs of our 69 he passes me the lube and I join him in the ass play. Oral and ass play all at once. 69 I like you.

Sweating and shaking we eventually pull away from each other, neither of us have came, sometimes I think there's just too much going on. On his back he gets his third blowjob of the night. He finishes this one off by hand, working his shaft furiously before grabbing my face and letting me swallow it. Watching him touch himself is always a turn on, I definitely want to just watch each other masturbate sometime, but I'm not sure we'd be able to resist each others touch.

Morning comes too quickly and before I know it I hear him ask that dreaded question, "Breakfast?". "Stay in bed and fuck forever"? my head says. "I guess", falls out of my mouth.

I kiss him goodbye at the station, beyond caring if anyone should see.

"See ya A."


"Oh and A.? Next time. . . anal"

I get on my train.