Thursday, 17 April 2014

At A.'s again.

A. met me from the station. It had been years since I'd been here. The last time I'd shown up on this dusty corner I'd been a virgin. So much had changed.

Our relationship was far stronger now. More equal. I was no longer pushing for commitment like my younger self was. I like what we have.

. . .

It's been nearly 6 weeks since we've seen each other . A glass of water in the kitchen and before we know it he's sitting on a kitchen chair, me kneeling before him, his ready cock in my mouth. I love sucking his cock, the feeling of his head under my swirling tongue and his shaft filling my mouth. But most of all, I love his reactions.

They way he spreads his legs to invite me to take him deeper, the way he lifts his ass cheeks and lets my hands wander to his sweet little ass hole, the way he tingles when I do, throwing his head back in pleasure. He leads me to the bedroom and undresses me.

Pulling my thong down it's his turn to kneel in front of me. His tongue probes between my labia and expertly finds my clit. He wraps his arms round my thighs, holding me by my ass, holding me up against my shudders of pleasure.

Soon I want his cock in my mouth again. I want to taste that sweet taste. I lie between his legs: my place. A hand on his shaft, my mouth and tongue worshipping his head, he finally gives in and I get what I want: that coursing flow of cum into my mouth.

The cum-slut in me is never pleased, while I want it in my mouth, I also want it on my face, my chest. I want to scream it. "I want your cum everywhere. All over me. I want to be covered."

He holds me afterwards, always surprisingly tender in his post-cum daze.

The night goes on, I'm shaking beneath his fingers on my clit. He's good, but I know exactly what I want. I take his hand and move it in circles, faster, faster. He gets the idea. I'm moaning and squirming beneath him, I feel that wave passing through me, I'm close and he knows it. He doesn't let up, fingering my clit as I cum for him. It's my turn to fall exhausted into his arms.

We sleep intermittently, waking to fuck. He slips inside me as we lay side by side. The feeling of him barely inside me makes me want it all. I want to ride him.

I flip him onto his back and kneel above him, sliding down onto his hard shaft. I would happily let him stay inside of me forever, pausing time at that moment of sudden incredible fullness.

Pinning his hands above his head I ride him. I ride hard and fast, his balls hitting my ass as I drop, my clit rubbing against his body. We switch to doggy, my hands on the bed, him standing behind me giving it to me. I like it like this. Raw, fast, hard.

We switch again, my all time favourite, on my back, legs on his shoulders. The depth of fuck is insane. I love it he loves it. He's close, but I've worked him hard, I want to give him that O. I drop my mouth to his throbbing cock once more, he's surprised but not ungrateful. I don't have to work him long before I'm feeling the cum moving up his shaft, and into my mouth once again. I milk every last drop from him and lick it up. Next time, I think, the cum-slut will win and get it everywhere.

I lose track of time. Later that night? Sometime time the next morning? It matters not. He flips down the bed so his face is at level with my crotch, I arch towards him, I want it. I take his cock in my mouth and simultaneously he returns the favour. He reaches for something, not the camera this time, although its been out earlier in the night. I know what he's got when I feel his hands come back to my ass, wet and cold with lube he caresses in between my cheeks and slips a finger in, first one then two. It's another world of pleasure, one that I often forget how much I enjoy.

My hands wander to his ass, wanting to return the favour. Through the limbs of our 69 he passes me the lube and I join him in the ass play. Oral and ass play all at once. 69 I like you.

Sweating and shaking we eventually pull away from each other, neither of us have came, sometimes I think there's just too much going on. On his back he gets his third blowjob of the night. He finishes this one off by hand, working his shaft furiously before grabbing my face and letting me swallow it. Watching him touch himself is always a turn on, I definitely want to just watch each other masturbate sometime, but I'm not sure we'd be able to resist each others touch.

Morning comes too quickly and before I know it I hear him ask that dreaded question, "Breakfast?". "Stay in bed and fuck forever"? my head says. "I guess", falls out of my mouth.

I kiss him goodbye at the station, beyond caring if anyone should see.

"See ya A."


"Oh and A.? Next time. . . anal"

I get on my train.


  1. nice post, can you write some more?

  2. Thanks Trent! Working on it now! Glad you liked it :)

  3. Nice post, Jess. So detailed it makes me wet down there.

  4. It's too bad I found this blog 3 years after it went quiet