Saturday, 22 November 2014

So. Fucking. Good.

I can't not write about this one. I'm sitting in bed, the smell of A. and sex clinging to the room, exhausted and aching.

*     *     *

A. was my first. He'll always hold some unexplainable pull over me. For a while I couldn't differentiate the smell of A. and the smell of sex. Whilst I was not his first, I know I can be a difficult one for him too, the line between where I stop and where sexual desire starts is vague. On top of the sexual aspect to our relationship we're also very good friends, and have been for over five years. It's a fun combination and we're getting good at knowing each others wants and needs.
*    *     *

It's a Friday night, and after individual social arrangements A. meets me in the pub where I'm having a couple drinks with friends. It's nice to hang out together with other people, we spend almost all of our time together one on one, partially because of flying visits and partially due to the proportion of time spent in the bedroom.

It gets late and we head off home. A brief tour of my newly rented flat and we head upstairs. We're both tired, but from the sexually fueled hug in the kitchen, I can tell we won't be going straight to sleep.

We fall into bed and into each others arms. Hands wander and explore. We haven't been together like this in 6 months, so it's fun to explore and rediscover. I love his body, tall and skinny but incredibly muscular.

Clothes are thrown to the floor, and I kiss down his naked body. I love giving this guy oral. He's incredibly well hung and just really freaking appreciates oral  - which makes it a lot of fun to do.

I nibble his hips and kiss up his thighs. I place my tongue on his balls and trace it lazily to the tip of his pulsating cock. I return to his balls and lick and suck, running my tongue once again to his tip. I swirl my tongue around  the head, looking up at him, teasing. I can see his hands twitching and feel his urge to grab my head and push me down. But A. - ever the gentleman - resists, letting me do my thing.

I work his cock with my mouth and hands for a while, eventually taking him deeper. I place my hands on the bed, so I'm only touching him with my mouth and take him as deep as I can. Deepthroating drives him insane and he comments breathily that my gag reflex has improved.

He pulls me back on top of him before flipping me onto my back and returning the favour. He palms my mound, letting me grind against his hand, then switches to directly rubbing my clit. It's hot, he's hot, I'm horny.

He moves down, going down on me. He's better at this than I remember. Can I say that? If you ever find this A., I apologise. It's true though, maybe he's had some practice, maybe he's just having a good day, but his mouth is good. Licking and nibbling and teasing.

We grab a condom - XL and still a struggle - this guy is ridiculously hung. I'm so wet and ready for him, I can't help but rub my own clit as he puts on the condom. He lies next to me, legs intertwined with mine, watching for a while. 

Then, he kneels over me and enters me.

"You're so big", I moan.

"Are you just saying that", he teases.

I'm not just bigging up his ego. It's the truth. I feel so full.

It's my turn to be on top, and I ride him like there's no tomorrow. I've learnt to love being on top. It was something that took me a while to get good at, but once you've got it it's gold. A. seems not to mind it either, his face screwed up in pleasure.

I rub my clit as I ride him. He alternates between holding my hips and playing with my breasts.

I can feel it building.

"I'm gonna cum", I whisper.

He bucks his hips, thrusting into me with increasing force and speed, and I'm done, falling into his arms, shaking as I ride out my 1st orgasm of the weekend.

We continue with me on top for a while, before switching. I literally have to take a minutes break between positions. It's so good, so intense. I'm shaking.

He fuckes me from on top, from the side. He rubs my clit and plays with my ass and I lose track of the number of times I orgasm. Maybe 3 times that night. There was a time when I thought I could only get off once in a night. Not anymore.

He finally lets himself go and holds me tight, thrusting slowly as the final waves of his orgasm course through him.

We lie side by side in exhausted post sex stuper.

"I think that was the best sex we've ever had", I mumble.

If only I knew how much better then next morning would be. . .